vvvv Workshop at HS Augsburg

This is what the students of HS Augsburg produced during the two-day vvvv workshop which I held in the mid of November. It was very refreshing to meet the nice media art community there and talk with the head of the time based media department, Robert Rose (http://www.hs-augsburg.de/~rose/). Thanks to all of the participants for the enjoyable time. And now have fun with our creations:

Canvas Mapping
by Jakob Nicklbauer

VVVV Workshop 4Canvas Mapping from Jakob Nicklbauer on Vimeo.

Circular Pong
by Bernd Hacker

Circular Pong made with vvvv from LOGIKSTUDIO on Vimeo.

by Dominik Liebherr

cubotron from Yeah on Vimeo.

cubotron – Documentation from Yeah on Vimeo.

Look in my Eyes
Claus Hoffmann & Ralph Stachulla

look in my eyes from Yeah on Vimeo.

look in my eyes – Documentation from Yeah on Vimeo.

Visual Beat Dancing
by Nick Riegler

Visual Beat Dancing Ver.1 from Mac on Vimeo.

Visual Beat Dancing Ver.2 from Mac on Vimeo.

by David Gann

Visual DisplacementCube LTP from leaving the planet on Vimeo.

Tunnel Studie
Matthias Lohscheidt

Tunnelstudie 1 from Ostrario on Vimeo.

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