Monome Compilation


We are happy to present this handcrafted Monome Community Compilation.

This compilation has been organized and realized with artists who use the iconic performance instrument ‘Monome’ for their productions and gigs.


Simeon Smith
Raja the Resident Alien
Echo Canyon
A Merry Prankster
Benjamin Van Esser
Leaving the Planet

There is a lot of content associated to the compilation release:
Let’s start with the intro track which received a special music video from the rendering labs of

Simeon Smith – Hunting of the Snark [Monome Compilation Music Video] from leaving the planet on Vimeo.

In addition to the release we organized a small Release Party with Leaving the Planet and Desaxismundi. Here is the fancy poster:


Then we have a video showing the creation of the track ColidR by Benjamin van Esser. The artist also plays the rare Arc instrument by the designers of the Monome.

CollidR from benjamin van esser on Vimeo.

And finaly a music video from Echo Canyon to the track Salty Foam.

echo canyon/salty foam from echo canyon on Vimeo.

We say thanks to all the amazing artists who contributed and thanks to all the fantastic people supporting the label all the time!

Also not to forget there is the new Monome community forum which is realy realy great for all kind of sound enthusiasts, also beyond the monome iteself.


Konsul Gnadenwalze – Aššur & Cyclades [Album Release]

Free mp3 Album and Mix download goes here!

Konsul Gnadenwalze is the alter ego of two gifted musicians. On stage they combine energetic live shows with minimalistic visuals. Aside of the performances they are creating their own elaborate Konsul Gnadenwalze universe. A lovely mixture of pseudo-scientific and poetic references. They create dub-wise broken beat abstractions, beautiful and brutal, organic and mechanized at the same time. Each successive listen reveals new depths, pulling you further into the world of Konsul Gnadenwalze. A wired carousel ride with the ancient question of whether we revolve around our environment, or our environment revolves around us.

There is a limited physical distribution available with a special handcrafted booklet. Exclusively at shows and with luck when contacting the artist directly.








YBSTN – Hits of 00’s – Album Release

We are happy to announce this wonderful new release YBSTN – Hits of 00’s. Get it for free or pay as much you want here.

Genre: Experemental / Downtempo
Place: St Petersburg
participants: 3-4 people
Alexei Ezhkov – music, lyrics
Alexei Lizunov – video, lyrics
Sergey Kozlov – light
Ilya Blogoveshensky – session musician
Evgeny Privalov – session musician, samples for “Swamp”
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Our studio work is slightly different from the live performances , where we try to immerse the viewer in an atmosphere of music, passed through our inner state of that moment. We do not limit ourself to the possibility of instantly happening change, and at the same time YBSTN strive to fill the connection of acoustic and visual space. Its like we have a fire extinguisher around for our imaginary sense of security.

The album is the completion of the next stage in the development of YBSTN, which was created by the frame needed to complete the work on our experiments. However, it is the beginning of a new research, too.

Its the combination of sound, light and visuals in our concerts that makes the multifaceted figure of YBSTN. The new album is framing the improved musical space of the polyhedron. It can hardly be described in a few general words. After all it is the cycle of our emotional experiences that can only be felt. It is the unconscious perception that goes beyond the verbal expression.

Жанр: Experemental/Downtempo
Место: Спб
Участники: 3-4 человека
Алексей Ежков – музыка, тексты
Алексей Лизунов – видео, тексты
Сергей Козлов – свет
Илья Благовещенский – сессионный музыкант
Евгений Привалов – сессионный музыкант, сэмплы для “Swamp”

Наша студийная работа немного отличается от концертной деятельности, где мы стараемся полностью погрузить зрителя в атмосферу музыки, пропущенной через наше внутреннее состояние в данный момент, поэтому мы максимально не ограничиваем себя в возможности менять происходящее, и в тоже время стремимся заполнить акустическое и визуальное пространство отведенного нам места, поэтому символ YBSTN – огнетушитель, несущий в пространство мнимое ощущение защищенности и находящийся рядом всегда.

Альбом является завершением очередного этапа в развитии YBSTN, на котором был создан каркас, необходимый для полноценной работы над нашими экспериментами. Вместе с тем, он – начало новых поисков.

Проект YBSTN мне представляется многогранной фигурой. Звучание – это музыкальная грань, концерты – это сразу несколько граней, здесь есть и световая составляющая, и визуальная. Новый альбом – отточенная музыкальная рамка, обрамляющая основное пространство многогранника. Оно вряд ли может быть описано в нескольких словах, более того, в словах вообще. Ведь оно – круговорот наших эмоциональных переживаний, которые могут быть только прочувствованы, равно как и музыка, восприятие которой не может быть на уровне сознательном, но только на том уровне, который никогда и никем пока не выражен вербально.

And make sure to watch YBSTN on Vimeo!