Monome Compilation


We are happy to present this handcrafted Monome Community Compilation.

This compilation has been organized and realized with artists who use the iconic performance instrument ‘Monome’ for their productions and gigs.


Simeon Smith
Raja the Resident Alien
Echo Canyon
A Merry Prankster
Benjamin Van Esser
Leaving the Planet

There is a lot of content associated to the compilation release:
Let’s start with the intro track which received a special music video from the rendering labs of

Simeon Smith – Hunting of the Snark [Monome Compilation Music Video] from leaving the planet on Vimeo.

In addition to the release we organized a small Release Party with Leaving the Planet and Desaxismundi. Here is the fancy poster:


Then we have a video showing the creation of the track ColidR by Benjamin van Esser. The artist also plays the rare Arc instrument by the designers of the Monome.

CollidR from benjamin van esser on Vimeo.

And finaly a music video from Echo Canyon to the track Salty Foam.

echo canyon/salty foam from echo canyon on Vimeo.

We say thanks to all the amazing artists who contributed and thanks to all the fantastic people supporting the label all the time!

Also not to forget there is the new Monome community forum which is realy realy great for all kind of sound enthusiasts, also beyond the monome iteself.


WAR and Audio Visual Shows






Beograd 1999

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Doing audio visual productions and shows was for me always about telling something. Belgrade had a strong impact on me when we had this gig in an post industrial area, with the roof coming down and yellow letters indicating that the building used to be a clinic before the war. It was a great show with some highlight. There was this amazing combination of Peter Kirn doing sound and Roy Datom aka Abduct doing Visuals. Also Noitu was blasting. And I enjoyed a lot playing the masterings of the upcoming studio album and the new visuals. But there was one thing that took my special attention and it was not possible to not see it everywhere around: Belgrade was bombed in 1999. It was in the media back in that time. But let’s rewind it without the brutal neutrality of the mainstream media. This is what happened to my live conceptual music in Belgrade with this Serbian band (Marko Jevtic and others) and two weeks later when improvising with my good friend Moritz Haberkorn from I do War, too. But without killing people.



LTP @ Roböexotica 2013 Vienna

Just short. Enjoy the mixes and of course the new track and music video that I produced short before the event because of the massive inspiration from the set list I had at hands.
The robots were amazing too. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures from them. Was too much occupied by robot arms serving drinks and steam punk mechanisms doing things that you could not even imagine, and playing the set of course.
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And some set lists:

MAD-HOP – Mad-Hop vol.4 – 22 813 feat Jekka – Tears
The xx — Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Broken Glass (Shlohmo Remix)
My Lips, Your Lips
Solace (Orikami Remix)
TV Dream ft. Clive Tanaka (Jerome LOL Remix)
02 No More Conversation (Mylo Remix)
Ambush! We!LOVE!DNB!
Soundsurfer – Shores
2-03 Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Reconstruction)
Jesus Gutierrez @ Electronik Studio ENERO 2008

Leaving the Planet – Hello I am Immortal
Leaving the Planet – Day 1
Leaving the Planet – No Stop
Leaving the Planet – Friend of Many
Old Man from Marseille Harbour Field Recording
Tekcor – Machines
Jam with Tzeshi and David
Leaving the Planet – Jump on This Train
Allen Alien and Apparat – jet
Zlatomil – Spacedust Mix
Objekt – Tinkerbox
Goth-Trad – Anti Grid
LoCha – Clay Feet
The SK – Tales of Hello
Nano.strike – Humanity at Random
Ambush! We!LOVE!DNB! Mix take