AVActivist – Visual Production + Live Performance Tool [Free Version]

AVActivist is a software for parallel audio-visual production and performance work-flow. It is designed with a focus on efficiency in visual content production alongside with audio tools such as Ableton Live, Traktor, Max, PD etc. The compressed functionality and flexibility which is required for this purpose is packed in one slim and easy to learn graphical user interface. It can also be used as a full featured VJ Tool or music video production tool. AVA enables mixing video and generative graphics. It is based on the latest DirectX11 graphics pipeline and the VVVV framework.

Download AVActivist Free Version here

A commercial version is available for purchase here.


– 2 Video Player
– 2 dynamic Generative Patches Loaders
– 1 dynamic PostFX Loader
– 16 build in PostFX
– 16 Track Sequencer
– 3 band dynamic audio analysis
– 96 Function sliders and buttons
– Function sliders and buttons can be mapped to the Audio Analysis or Sequencer
– Presets saving and loading
– synchronize it with Ableton Live, Traktor, Max, PD etc
– Can be heavily modded and customized
– Multi-Touch support (upcoming)
– Uncouple GUI device from rendering device (upcoming)
– Multi screen support (upcoming)
– Basic mapping functionality (upcoming)

Ava quickstartguide120
Check out the QUICKSTARTGUIDE to get started.

System Requirements

– Windows 64 bit only
– optimally a high-end graphics card. Lowest possible is intel HD4xxxx onboard graphic chips and 2 Ghz CPU.

Installation Instructions
– Unzip the folder to your favorite directory
– Run SetupVVVV.bat and follow the Setup instructions
– Start “__START AVActivst 1_8_nopatch.bat” if you want to have VVVV patcheditor hidden (Recommended if you are not experienced with VVVV)
– Start “__START AVActivst 1_8″ To start with patches enabled

How to use own video and patches?
– Content goes into /Content folder of your installation directory ( In one of the /Video, /Patch, /PostFX folders)
– Videos can be placed into /Content/Video
– You can change the Folder Path: Copy /Content to the desired directory, and point to it in the Root Patch (right-click in the text field and choose path, works only in version with patches enabled), save with CTRL+S
– Patches can be included by using the _template.v4p as an example how the dynamic patch loading handles the patches and what you need to take care of. Just copy and rename the template folder. Same applies to the PostFX folder.

Download AVActivist Free Version here

WAR and Audio Visual Shows






Beograd 1999

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Doing audio visual productions and shows was for me always about telling something. Belgrade had a strong impact on me when we had this gig in an post industrial area, with the roof coming down and yellow letters indicating that the building used to be a clinic before the war. It was a great show with some highlight. There was this amazing combination of Peter Kirn doing sound and Roy Datom aka Abduct doing Visuals. Also Noitu was blasting. And I enjoyed a lot playing the masterings of the upcoming studio album and the new visuals. But there was one thing that took my special attention and it was not possible to not see it everywhere around: Belgrade was bombed in 1999. It was in the media back in that time. But let’s rewind it without the brutal neutrality of the mainstream media. This is what happened to my live conceptual music in Belgrade with this Serbian band (Marko Jevtic and others) and two weeks later when improvising with my good friend Moritz Haberkorn from morast.at. I do War, too. But without killing people.



Release Party [Onyx Ashanti, Reverse Bullets, Abduct, Leaving the Planet, Yokai Lab, Schwarzwald]

Onyx Ashanti played his fresh printed third generation Beat Jazz System, Abduct and Yokai Lab brought their finest AV sets, there was a massive jam with Reverse Bullets, Leaving the Planet and Tzeshi Lei at the voice and Percy Schwarzwald checked by to drop their latest sounds, too. This was a decent enough release party to celebrate our compilation SC#001


ReVerse Bullets reversebullets.com
Onyx Ashanti onyx-ashanti.com
Schwarzwald percyschwarzwald.tumblr.com/
Abduct datom.mx
Leaving the Planet symbioticcube.com
Yokai Lab shaultzemach.com/