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Sleepless Monk is a visionary artist from France and India. For the last 2 years he has been experimenting intensely with live music and visuals. His visuals explore psychedelic experiences and fractal math while his musical influences are principally from psytrance, dark techno and IDM. After developing an understanding of contemporary technoshamanism, he is finally releasing his conceptual audiovisual album ‘In Vivo Manipulation’. With it we take a neurological journey deep down to the inner core of the psychedelic self.

“Enhance the energy flow and up-link your consciousness to the externalized multiverse.
The four dimensional body spawns the mind.
It is the moment when we realize,
everything is everything in itself.”

Music and Artwork: Kapil Bambardekar
Mastering: David Gann

With the download of this free album you receive a coupon code for the Sleepless Monk VJ Loop Pack which contains 12 excetional fractal particle renderings and all 4 high quality music videos of the album.

In vivo Manipulation : Moment by Sleepless Monk

In vivo Manipulation : Tissue Morph by Sleepless Monk


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