Leaving the Planet – 2967


Product Description

“2967 – Planet Earth is nothing more then a lifeless, toxic and radioactive ice dessert, covered with the slowly but surely fading remains of a once shiny, prospering human civilisation. The dispersing atmosphere and debris of centuries of space travel have formed a giant belt around the lost world. This is the last habitat of a few thousand post-human individuals, living in massive orbital vaults. It is this year in which suddenly a crystalline object enters the solar system and begins with a controlled swing-by maneuver around the sun, with only one possible target: Earth. Young ZU9 is observing the breathtaking event with the growing awareness that the unknown traveller is trying to get in contact with her via mysterious hyper-dimensional waves. In her dreams she lives through beautiful and frightening visions from the past and she walks on alien-like worlds that can only be the birth place of the interstellar arriver…”

It is finally there The first official Leaving the Planet Album. All tracks but the last one are remastered recordings from live shows in between 2010 and 2013. Thanks to everyone who supported us in all these years. We came quite a long way. Also prepare for a lot of more albums and – maybe (?!) – even a Leaving the Planet film. Ah and before I forget… It is for free. So make sure to tell everyone!


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