Leaving the Planet @ NODE13


As you can think, it is a honor to me to play an audio-visual live performance at NODE13. The performance will be on Friday, 15th of February. The festival will take place from the 11th to 17th of February, featuring a dense week of workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances. So I am in the happy position to ‘softly’ bring the audience into the weekend.

This is how you find me on the NODE13 festival:



I am looking forward to return to Frankfurt and see a lot of nice poeple again!


A Little side story:

This picture was shot from the old MESO headquarters, in summer 2012. Among the buildings on the right you can see the European Central Bank. The last time I played a performance in Frankfurt it happend to be in front of it, in the camp of the Occupie movement. I found an old piano in the camp and played together with a percusionist for an hour, getting louder and louder every second against the giant building. It was a very special moment. The whole situation had a tragedy in itself: The loosly organized people gathering and living in front of this monumental obelisk versus the some-times apearing suit wearing advocates of this indefeasible burocracy complex and the red-light and mafia that is suprisingly surrounding this area. One week after my little concert the camp was closed by the hordes of police.

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