Join Us

We are always happy about people who are interested in what we are doing and support anyone who wants to join us in our activities.

We especially need graphic, motion and sound designers who are enthusiastic about producing and publishing audio visual material and other interesting things in the realm. Also software developers are very welcome to associate and to use our platform for releasing software like VST Instruments or other useful tools or be involved in installations.

If you are an artist doing music: Mastering and producing cover art or music videos is what we do for breakfast. We support solo releases and you can also contribute to our regular various artist releases.
Same can be said for visual artists, contact us, we have always enough sound going on for your visual output.

What you get? A symbiotic relationship with other producers, an international network of enthusiastic people and a shared resource and organisation pool!

For media students it might be possible to do an internship, depending on your university.

Just hit us via