Live Performers Meeting 2014 Eindhoven – Review

We have been at the Live Performers Meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands from 26. to 28. of June and this are some impressions. Running around with a small Zoom recorder, I tried to get some sound from the performances recorded. Not the best quality, but it sounds very underground at least.

In the mix are four performances from the following groups or artists:

Yellows music – Great sound and visual duo from Turin, doping finest beats in this live set.
Eyes on the Wall – Another amazing duo from Germany, fantastic visuals from microscope footage of cells.
Fake Samoa Very intense Sound combined with visuals from metal work form a very strong audio-visual experience.
+ the last one I don’t know, hopefully someone give me a hint soon, it was recorded saturday night (comment here or soundcloud please)!

This was only a short collection of the performances that were played in these three nights on three stages. It was the fifteenth edition of the LPM and this time, it has to be mentioned, it was organized without the EU funding, that normally drives the event. However the community is totally behind it and it also draws enough people from all around the world, so that this edition was amazing as always.



Besides a lot of audio-visual performances, workshops, talks and installation, there is the very famous VJ Torna going on all the time, were VJ’s battle each other in quick rounds. This is a event organized together with the LPM team by Candaş Tuncer and others from the Digital Experience Collective from Istanbul. Can totally recommend checking out the pages.

Also very refreshing was to meet the people from Eindhoven. specifically I can recommend checking out the Widt Project with the totally beautiful web page and amazing video’s to watch. And what surprised me the most was to see the performance of Kirsten Swensen & Sarco. Why? Because Kirstenb Swensen, curator from Lab1 (where the event took place) was doing the visual with DELPHI LIVE CODING!


Installation wise we saw a very beautiful piece from Martin Boverhof from and Anne Gentenaar aka VJ Illuminator from Amsterdam. Martin Boverhof was basically 3d mapping a sculpture made from paper and bamboo by the designer Peter Gentenaar. Martin Boverhof used VVVV for the mapping and also made it interactive using the leap motion. So people could enter the room and change the lighting of the triangulated mesh on the sculpture.



And let there also be said something about our performance – Leaving the Planet – we enjoyed it. There was not a lot of preparation before because as you may have seen, in the week before LPM we were extremely bussy redesigning the page. Anyway, we always jam. Tzeshi was running PD and was live processing her voice AND playing synth at the same time. I was doing beats with monome and VVVV, running visuals at the same time and doing sends and the overall mix. What a luck that we live in the age of multicore processors and patching MAYHAM.



You can also check out the Galery for more images and video.

NUMA Circuit Festival & Open Street Map based Installation

Last week (15. of March 2014) was the pre opening press conference of the festival Numa Circuit 014. The festival takes place in Tenerife and is distributed over a couple of Venues in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz and other places on the island between the 15. of march 2014 to 3. of may 2014.

It is exactly the right place to get a good mixture of beach, sea and sun and geeky / arty things like live performances, installations, workshops and what ever brings together hardware hackers, VVVV, Max/Msp, Pure Data or Touch Designer patcher’s. Add a portion of traditional Spanish music, singer-song writers and performance art on top and you are at Numa Circuit.

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The festival is organized by Simone Marine ( ) and friends of him.
Simone aka io is a very active user on, which is the reason why I got to know him ( Reminds me again to start a series of blob posts about interesting VVVV users).

So it happened that we ( the blog poster – David Gann and Tzeshi Lei ) got invited to join the festival with an AV installation and a performance. The performance is Leaving the Planet – which interested readers probably know already from this page – with me doing Beats and live sound design on the Monome and Tzeshi playing a Korg R3 Synthesizer and is singing, so she basically gained control over the melodic part of the Performance. Basically we play to the multi screen installation that we prepare there. The performance will be streamed live on Friday, 21. of march 2014 at around 22:00, London Time (so +00 h time zone ). This is the channel for the stream, in case anyone is bored on Friday evening.

What is new is the installation we are working on right now and that one is technically and conceptually very interesting for a lot of people probably. The following is the official description of the installation:

Mapping The Atlas Of Uncertain Territories

The human species leaves their footprint on the ground. Those footprints gradually accumulate into traces of civilization. By looking at the planet from above, we realize that there is a new layer among the geographic landscape. By iterating urban geometrical patterns over and over again, humans have caused significant abstraction of the natural habitat as a reflection of their own behaviour.

In this installation, we mediate between the conversation of the actual visible landscape and the mindscape of perspective and interpretation. The language of this conversation is the raw data which represents the human capability of measuring the world through abstraction. Using this as a source, we create endless generative and evolving geometry by triangulating the fading data points. In contrast to the macro aspect of the visual, the sound brings back the invisibility of human into a more intimate way by using field recordings. The audio-visual composition aims towards catalysing the user’s perception of time, speed and scale. The installation is using two projectors and multi-channel sound.

(Project Description in English and Spanish on the Numa Circuit page)

As we are working on it during our stay in Tenerife, here are some images from the progress. I am working on the Visuals and the Software Development and Tzeshi Lei is working on the Sound Design for the 4 channel sound. She is using Ableton Live with Max for Live, Granular Synthesis from field recordings that you get from and the Max for Live – VVVV Bridge, developed by me during other installations in the past.

_root_OpenStreetMaps-DirectX Renderer

For the visuals we use Data from We prepare a couple of data set’s of different cities and men made structures that we find on the map. We can also use the Open Street Map API to retrieve the data, but we decided to use prepared data as files on the disc to not rely on the internet connection.

As you can imagine, it is not so straight forward to load and visualize this map data. In fact behind Google maps or Open Street Maps there exist big rendering server farms, that provide us quickly with our requested visualization. This is something completely else then using this big amount of data in a a real-time environment like VVVV.

However, after some magic with multiple VVVV instances, it is running fine anyway here in real-time and we can use the data as a source for generative, sound-reactive graphics.

I decided to make this project Open Source as an advanced VVVV Tutorial. The tutorial will be split up in a couple of blog posts over the coming weeks. Can imagine that is helpful for a couple of people who want to do the full program from parsing data to visualizing it, working with particle systems and other graphical elements, to adding interactive sound to the project and doing the projector multi-screen setup for the final installation.

Here you see some more progress of the project. More coming soon.

_root_OpenStreetMapsClient-DirectX Renderer

_root_OpenStreetMapsClient-DirectX Renderer2

UNRENDER Session – P.KIRN, Abduct, Leaving the Planet, Noitu, MKDSL/Desko @ Drugstore Belgrade 17. Jan



Peter Kirn / Fluid Architecture Workshop

Transforming space with responsive sound, projection

When we imagine architectural space, we return to a millennia-long tradition of things that are fixed and solid, made of wood and stone, brick and steel. But increasingly-pervasive digital technology means media that can change: data, pixels, and generated image and sound.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll experiment with ways of molding those media to make a space that changes. We’ll take input from microphones, cameras, and sensors, including the Kinect camera, and see how the computer can respond to presence in a space. We’ll also look at how generated sound and music, imagery, or data visualization can translate these inputs to a space.

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Examples will be given in free, open-source, cross-platform tools, including the Processing creative coding environment and Pure Data patching tool.

Some experience with one of these is recommended to get more out of the workshop, but is not required; we’ll also have some examples that absolute beginners can use for experimentation.

Please do bring a laptop running Windows or OS X (or, if you’re comfortable with it, Linux).


Presence Sensor input (via Theremin sensor, Arduino)
Microphone input (registering ambient sound)
Camera input (motion detection with built-in camera, optional examples using Kinect)
Sound Music and sound as generated in time transforming the sound of a space, interactively (from microphone)
Generating simple sounds, musical figures Image Modifying two-dimensional images
Transforming colour and texture in response to input simple data visualization from a table, Internet data source mapping.
A corresponding mapping workshop will explore ways of more closely aligning image to architecture, transforming volume and perspective. This can be combined with spatial sound experiments.

Sound Data Visualization / Abduct Workshop

We Always create our own reinterpretation of the things that we See, Smell, touch and hear.So this workshop is for create your own graphic representation of sound. Looking for new ways to watch music.

This workshop is based on VVVV multi-purpose toolkit. More info about the software at

Workshop fee 500 RSD


SHOWCASE 17.01.2014. 23:00-06:00


Leaving the Planet (

Leaving the Planet is a surreal audio-visual journey. It leaves behind the rules of the body and explores into unknown places of the mind. Both sound and visuals are played live and in real-time, making use of experimental interfaces. It features IDM/Drone sound with instrumental parts, abstract sound design and field recordings combined with a mix of macro and time-lapse video.

Peter Kirn (

P. KIRN transposes a classical training and work in the New York new music and experimental scene to Berlin, channeling underground techno sounds from the city’s afterhours. His live techno set then brings in cinematic and environmental sounds, against the machine four on the floor. Here, those rhythms are synchronized to live generated visual geometries and textures.

Noitu (

NOITU is the audiovisual output of S. Puckovski, a sound and new media artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia. He is currently active in the fields of micro sound design, music performance and improvisation as well as visual art, installation and interaction.

Abduct (

Abduct Is the Rodrigo Guzman C.his Works focus in the experimental Audiovisual Field, creating new languages and aesthetics Playing with optical effects and binaural beats abduct project focus on create a hipnotic trance for the audience, His work reinvension struggle in graphic design, sound Sculpting, and development of interactive Graphic interfaces for A/V live performance.


George Michael Jackson (

Showcase 300 RSD


Release Party [Onyx Ashanti, Reverse Bullets, Abduct, Leaving the Planet, Yokai Lab, Schwarzwald]

Onyx Ashanti played his fresh printed third generation Beat Jazz System, Abduct and Yokai Lab brought their finest AV sets, there was a massive jam with Reverse Bullets, Leaving the Planet and Tzeshi Lei at the voice and Percy Schwarzwald checked by to drop their latest sounds, too. This was a decent enough release party to celebrate our compilation SC#001


ReVerse Bullets
Onyx Ashanti
Leaving the Planet
Yokai Lab

SC#001 Out Now! Label Release Party announced!

This is the first Label Release of the AV Label SC#001 showcases artists who are living on the edge with their productions. Besides being musicians the artists have additional extraordinary skills and what combines them is their special focus in audio-visual production or/and live performance. The range of genres and influences is wide and it happens often to us that we start from instrumental derivatives of Jazz, Cumbia, Classic or something like Stoner Rock and end up somewhere completely new.


Leaving the Planet
ReVerse Bullets
Onyx Ashanti
Enrique Tomás

Thanks to Soundstudio K2 in Linz

We are celebrating this with a dense night of audio-visual performances in the legendary location Sputnik in Linz on the 7. of September 2013, the main Saturday of the Ars Electronica Festival!

We are kindly inviting all Patchers, AV Artists, Producers, DJs, VJs, Dancers, Performance Artists and everybody who is interested in the field to participate in this Event and get to know the international community behind it.

Preorder: 10 € Door: 15 € – Limited space and lots of awesome people!

Party Flyer

You might wonder what happened with the Visuals.

They will come soon! For now we wanted to release the audio first and give out music videos slowly over time.
We make out this Open Call for visual production to the release. just send a mail with the idea to if you want to make a visual or music video to one of the tracks. We will screen the visuals at the release party.
Also we are looking for new AV or Live-Performance artists to contribute to our future releases!


Leaving the Planet @ Live Performance Meeting 2013 Rome from leaving the planet on Vimeo.

Focking great! Leaving the Planet was in Rome playing 45 minutes live at LPM. We found a lot of new friends who do incredible amazing stuff.
Among them for example Abduct and Reverse Bullets, who both are going to be on our upcoming first label release!

I just keep this short. enjoy the video!

posted by David Gann


6 TeilnehmerInnen können sich innerhalb von 5 Tagen (05.04.2013 – 10.04.2013) mit dem unten beschriebenen Arbeitstitel frei auseinandersetzen. Dabei sollen die vorliegenden Räumlichkeiten eng in die Auseinandersetzung mit einbezogen werden, wobei der Fokus auf Rauminstallationen bzw. Performances liegt. Das Erdgeschoss einer Villa in Halle Saale steht uns dazu zur Verfügung. Ausreichend Essen/Trinken werden während der 5 Tage von unserem Budget gestellt. Unter Umständen reichen Zeit und Geld auch für einen Katalog.
Die Räumlichkeiten werden dann am 11. April zu einer Ausstellung geöffnet und am 12. April bei der Erstsemesterparty mit Performances und Musik bespielt. InteressentInnen sollten bis zum 15. März entweder ein grobes Konzept oder einen Einblick in bisherige Arbeiten einsenden ( Wir freuen uns darauf!

Axis Mundi – Der Heilige Raum

Wenn wir von heiligen Räumen sprechen dann wird wohl den meisten eine Kirche in den Kopf kommen, ein Tempel oder doch zumindest irgendeine Form von Kultstätte. Und wieder den meisten als abstraktes Gebilde, das reichlich wenig mit ihrem alltäglichen Leben zu tun hat, als Rudiment aus längst vergangenen Zeiten.

Ein Rudiment aus Zeiten, in denen die Vorstellung einer Weltachse (Axis Mundi) noch fest in dem menschlichen Leben verankert war: Eine Achse, die eine vertikale Verbindung zwischen Unterwelt, Welt und Himmel darstellt, innerhalb derer Menschen, Geister und Götter im regen Austausch standen. Bei Unterweltsfahrten oder Himmelsfahrten wurden Bitten an die Götter herangetragen, verirrte Seelen zurückgeholt, Geister bekämpft, die Zukunft vorausgesagt oder Krankheiten geheilt. Diese Achse bildete also den Fixstern eines ganzen ‘sich in der Welt zurechtfinden’.

Das Heilige zurück in den Alltag einer orientierungslosen, irrational rationalisierten Gesellschaft zu holen, Mythen zu schaffen, „an die sich die entzauberten Welt klammern kann“ (Antonin Artaud), Mythen zu schaffen, die die verkrustete Gesellschaft quasi von innen aufsprengen, das wird eine Aufgabe der Kunst bleiben, und zwar nicht erst seitdem Allen Ginsbergh seine Fußnote zu dem bombastischen Gedicht Howl schrieb:

“Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!
The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy!
The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand
and asshole holy!
Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is
holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an